2022 Bible Reading Guide
Join us as we nurture our relationships with God and others by investing time each day in His Word, the Bible.

 We are using a Bible reading program designed by Robert Murray M’Cheyne, a minister of St. Peter’s Church in Dundee, Scotland in the mid 1800s. He suggested readings for the family, including chapters from both the Old and New Testaments. He also provided what he called “secret” readings, intended for personal reading. Obviously, these are suggestions. Adapt the reading guide to fit your circumstances. This guide gives you great flexibility.

A useful option would be to sign up at biblegateway.com. Click on read the Bible. Click on reading plans. Select the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan and subscribe. You can pick an audio version of the Bible, if you like, and have the selection read to you.

Below are links to download pdf files of the reading guides for each month.

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